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Realistic Weather Sound v1.6.2 by nIGhT-SoN
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Realistic Weather Sound v1.6.2 by nIGhT-SoN

This mod adds better rain sound effects at exterior and interior of the truck. With this mod for sure you will use the Rain Probability at maximum. You feel like you're in a truck and outside it's raining. Also if you use the exterior camera you won't belive you're playing a game. The immersion is superb and I don't say this because I'm the creator of it. Also this mod makes the exterior sound a little louder, but not much, just to make it sound more realistic. Also, since version 1.5 it includes a more realistic effect of the drops on windshield and lateral windows. It's based on AlterEgos, Awesome Rain mod and with this occasion I want to thank him for discovering the responsible file/lines. Before you jump saying it's a steal, you need to keep in mind there are different values/effect/end result.

NOTE: What you need to know about this version is that I put a lot of work into it, especialy making the rain sound realistic in the interior of truck, rain drops on the windshield and on the cabin too including a more 3D sound. When you will hear it you will know what I am talking about. Outside sounds are now and more suitable, with
sound of drops falling on the chassis from the cabin, thunders closer and in the distance etc.

Changelog v1.6.2
-Updated for the latest version, 1.14

Changelog v1.6.1
-No big changes only the game_data.sii was updated since in latest version, 1.12, some new lines were added and I wanted to make sure everything it's up to date. Also updated the fix for ProMods.

Changelog v1.6
- exterior rain sound is brighter and a little more defined
- interior rain sound is brighter and more defined
* This may not sound, at first, like a lot but the difference can be heard and I think it's closer to real life sound.

Changelog v1.5:
- new visual effect of the rain on the windshield and lateral windows



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