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RealSpeedAI v1.0
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RealSpeedAI v1.0

I made this mod for those feel AI car driving like a aircraft.
So, I've collect 60km/h, 100km/h acc data from car web sites, and edit AI gearbox data, that made this mod.

MOD details:
1. Adjust AI vehicle accelerate more real.
2. Driving from a stop status, I've add 0.3s and 0.5s (Ai cars and Ai trucks) delay by setting a very low acc.
3. About AI car max speed, i've limited between 120~200km/h, generally around 150km/h.
4. You know there always some careful people driving very slowly, so I've add about 10% slow-driving AI cars, and truck traffic too.
5. Change traffic rules making AI overtake more.
6. Set max_vehicle_count doubled. (this may low your Fps)
7. A bit longer of traffic lights.


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