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RED Expert UPDATED and fully compatible 1.8.x
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RED Expert UPDATED and fully compatible 1.8.x

ok, I've done major modifications to the RED Expert 2 mod (which is no longer developed since 1.3.x patch) so now it properly renders the sky and light flares at night on the latest patches. This mod also adresses the AI lights distance and brightness!
RED is a mod which renders a beautiful sky and cloud formations, also adds vegetation and HD road surfaces. To load the HD textures, add the following line to the config file located on drive C (where your mods are):
uset g_texture_hd_enabled "1"
Is compatible with Promods and TSM map mods.
Recommendation disable color correction setting in the game graphics menu.

Original credits go to - Environment Simulating Studio(C) for Real Environment Dimension
- AlterEgos for Heavy modifications (for latest patches), tweaks and additions (WIP)

UPDATE 21/09/2013 Corrected faulty textures.
UPDATE 27/09/2013 MUCH Improved light flares, truck and AI headlights, a brighter Night environment and moon.
UPDATE 28/09/2013 Slight adjustment of light flares.
UPDATE 29/09/2013 Corrected night time skybox textures.
UPDATE 01/10/2013 Optimized, corrected textures, light flares (now warmer and specular), added and tweaked things.
UPDATE 02/10/2013 Added and modified some models, removed (potential) conflicts prone traffic data with other mods and left only the necessary things needed for a good experience.
UPDATE 04/10/2013 Further tweaks
UPDATE 06/10/2013 Added more HD textures, "fined up" some textures.
UPDATE 07/10/2013 Roadworks and other "potholes" filling.
UPDATE 10/10/2013 Redone light flares, tweaked the sky, redone some textures. You can use HDR now without worrying about the "bleach" effect.
UPDATE 13/10/2013 I have added many more textures, added sunshaft effect as many have requested it (but kept it real, if you want magical sunsets and what not, go play Skyrim), tweaked the overall HDR and light effects, the night time environmental and AI light flares now finally are close to perfection.
UPDATE 18/10/2013 Updated lots of textures, slightly reworked HDR.
UPDATE 23/10/2013 Improved color and contrast; slightly modified weather pattern; corrected some textures with missing alpha channel; other small improvements.
UPDATE 03/11/2013 Added textures, improved HDR, added my latest versions of the Awesome rain and True Ai lights in the package. Added and modified interface sounds, some environment sounds.
UPDATE 12/12/2013 This update contains the following changes: better cloud cover, the sky now has a deep blue color, improved sunset, once more improved light flares for environment and AI. Also, this update is fixing the map zoom error in some map mods.
*Before you comment and complain, please check and make sure your other mods don't interfere with this one.
Please do not reupload to other sites!


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