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Reliable Company Scandinavien v1.22
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Reliable Company Scandinavien v1.22

Hello my dears,
after a long break I had to scare find that after upgrading to
nothing works so I am drangemacht and the complete Mod on
Adapted version and rewritten .
However, I had to make some changes ( you can see the colored flags ) .
I have made ??my ambient noise a few things in order , among other things built the flags for
the Statoiltankstellen function .
Should you have an altered game_data.sii please fit the not here on your , on
Clear case since you otherwise at the refueling again have the original flags .
The ambient noise , I regret to also customize which then also appear as
Version 1.22 when I'm done with it.
lg Dombro
Credits: Dombro and Faelandaea
P.S. Should you find any mistakes please let me know so I can fix them.

dombro und Faelandaea

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