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Renault integral 1997 v1
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Renault integral 1997 v1

- Adaptation to 1.26.x
- Modified lightmask.
- New flares.
- Advanced coupling.
- DLC cabin accessories, pirates ,country flags and SiSL Megapack addon compatibility available.
- Fixed bugs
- Added tuning

Cyrus the virus, mod repairs

  • Mods2000
    2016-11-27 18:46
    This is fake but I try it anyway ;)
  • Mrgermantruck
    2016-11-27 19:02
    You are a stupid and a thief, the mod you have uploaded to your ShareMods account is created by CyrusTheVirus and you can not upload it to another server because it clearly says the creator: "RELINK PROHIBITED. USE ONLY GENUINE LINK!!!"You are a fucking thief rat !!! Right now I send a report to ShareMods to delete this mod
  • Cyrusv1rus
    2016-11-27 19:04
    Fake? You must say stolen, reuploaded and relinked by you, not?
  • Cyrusthevirus
    2016-11-28 12:39
    I'm not wrote the last message. MrGermanTruck are a good partner.
  • Mrgermantruck
    2016-11-28 18:07
    CYRUSV1RUS or CYRUSTHEVIRUS, I have reasons for upload the mod.
  • Cyrusv1rus
    2016-11-29 16:50
    Yes, the reason is that you're a thief and haven't any brain to create anything.
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