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Renault Magnum Integral
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Renault Magnum Integral

– Its interior
– New Motor sounds (reverse gear)
– 2 cabin version
– 2 options grilles and bumper
– Curtains, pennants, stickers, side windows, paint, etc.
– Ready for Patch 1.19

Author: Bogdan Kasalap

  • Space cam
    2015-08-03 21:01
    Its a nice mod it drives good and it is very steady and good at cornering but I am wondering ti would be more interesting with more chassis being created for this mod for patch 1.18.xx and up.
  • Theosz
    2015-08-04 03:54
    made in 2014? without new chassis?please, make a REAL patch to v1.17 and above. This is another mod just put many errors on game.log.txt causing LAGs on old (and even new) PCs.
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