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Renault Magnum Mack Drivetrain Revision v1.0
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Renault Magnum Mack Drivetrain Revision v1.0

R.J Productions has put together a perfect Mack V8 sound for the Renault Magnum

In the late '90's, the Renault Magnum was offered in Europe with a choice of optional select Mack powertrains. These engines were paired with Eaton Fuller transmissions. You can use this mod to add a late '90's-spec Renault/Mack Magnum to your own fleet!

- Compatible with the Renault Magnum by SCS
- Compatible with Renault Magnum Reworked by Knox
- Compatible with Renault Drivetrain Revision by Galimim
- Compatible with Renault Magnum & Premium Sound Reworked
        by Kriechbaum
- Does not interfere with stock Renault drivetrain options
- Does not replace stock Renault sounds
- Fully standalone

- Adds 3 Mack E7 E-Tech L6 engines with their own sound
- Adds 1 Mack E9 V8 engine with its own sound
- Adds 6 Eaton Fuller transmissions with optional retarder variants

- Engines are accurate as to what was offered in the Magnum at
        that time
- Engines have accurate specs and torque curves
- Transmissions are period correct, appropriate units
- Transmissions have accurate specs, gear ratios, and gear names
- Eaton Fuller transmissions are available only for Mack engines
- Only appropriate engine/transmission pairings can be selected
- All parts have unique shop icons

Tested on ETS2 game version 1.26.2s

Yafet Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum, V2obert, R.J Productions, American Pride Modding, Sib3rius Modding, SCS Software, Florida_Boy

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