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Renault Magnum Mega Mod v1.0.2
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Renault Magnum Mega Mod v1.0.2

The modification adds a separate model Renalt Magnum with a highly developed ability to setup and tuning trucks and Skin
Game version: 1.12 Tested on: 1.14 Author: (Moders team Poland)
Basti73, Kielu, EdekLS, TheMrKarolus, Gracek23, Riczko, scenerio, Kuba141, kru129, Riczko, Skiba.

Moders-Team Polen
Basti73, Kielu, EdekLS,TheMrKarolus, Gracek23, Riczko, Scenerio, Kuba141, kru129, Riczko, Skiba.

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