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Renault Magnum Updates  14.36
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Renault Magnum Updates 14.36

Changes in current version:

- A huge number of edits of Magnum exterior, interior, animation, accessories
- Added a lot of chic interiors (personal thanks to Vyacheslav_A)
- Ext_interior now is like Int_interior including all looks
- Increased kerb_weight for all chassis
- Added variant of 4x2 chassis with more higher front axle
- In Renault truckdealers appeared Magnum Legend, Magnum Legend Mat Edition and Magnum BDF
- Renault Magnum Legend appeared in agency jobs
- Support of DLC "Cabin Accessories"
- Added new slots for "Cabin Accessories"
- All paintable parts made in matte variants
- Some paintable parts made in black matte variants
- Added skin "Duda Transport & Logistic"
- Bottom part of cabin (apron) made as accessory
- Changed the reflections for side and front glasses of interior
- Added new variant of side glasses deflectors
- Added TV variants of big and transparent GPS
- Added a clock to interior in two variants: as digital clock and as clock on mobile
- Added two variants of front license plates: "MAGNUM" и "LEGEND"
- Reworked Magnums in traffic (in France there are more Magnums, in UK there are Magnums with "T6x2" chassis)
- Changed the font for gear number
- For manual gearboxes of "ZF" series the gear numbers displayed as halfs - lower and higher
- Updated UI icons for Magnum
- Steering wheel of exterior model made more darker (Attention!
-Steering wheel in the game is one for all trucks!)

SCS Software, Simon (50keda), Dmitry (dmitry68), Vyacheslav_A, Oleg (oq37), Denis (DANZ), Sergey (Supric), Flemming (Flemming V), David (Davidzoli), Enrique (SheryO), kuba141

  • Haweky trucker
    2015-12-14 13:54
    Video of Renault Magnum Updates v14.36 HD 1080p: https://youtu.be/N5RR5TIKlRk
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