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Renault Magnum Updates v18.02
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Renault Magnum Updates v18.02

Changes in current version
* Adaptation for v1.30
* Improvements of the model and textures
* Bugfixes and corrections

Put the file magnum_updates_v18.02_by_knox_xss.zip into your \mod\ folder.

For tandems (optional)
Put the file magnum_updates_v18.xx_bdf.zip from "BDF" folder into your \mod\ folder.

For American Truck Simulator
Put all files from "For American Truck Simulator" folder into your \mod\ folder.

Helpful information
* If after beacon name there is a "Low beam" sign, then this beacon turned on with low beam.
* For connoisseurs of realism was added 1800 degree steering wheel in interior animation. You can uncomment it in files def\vehicle\truck\renault.magnum\interior\animations*.sui.


  • Knox_xss
    2018-02-19 20:57
  • Mods_ats
    2018-02-19 21:12
    Very good, thanks.
  • Mods_ats
    2018-02-19 21:15
    and yes I'm a dirty bastard my Mama told me so
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