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Renault Magnum Updates v11.40 1.16
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Renault Magnum Updates v11.40 1.16

* Lots of edits as foreign models and the cabin
* Implemented to 9 variants painting interior
* Updated animation salon: axis, WARNING, STOP, shifting (special thanks to Dmitry aka "dmitry68")
* Raises axis (chassis T6x2 PUSHER and P6x2 / 4)
* Added chassis side skirts "T6x2 PUSHER"
* Restated weight distribution, taking into account all the chassis of default (300 kg) of cockpit
* Locator CABIN [] exactly centered and slightly lowered down
* Added a few varieties of the front radiator grille
* Added several varieties of mesh on the front radiator grille
* Added a few varieties of the rear wings
* Added a GPS with a transparent display
* Updated the picture for GPS "Route 66"
* On the sun visors can now be glued stickers (up to 9 pieces)
* In the salon as an accessory added chrome strips (special thanks to Vyacheslav aka "Kosyak_Marihuanovich")
* In the interior as accessories added a mobile phone and CB radio
* Added option chocks
* Updated headlights (halogen and xenon)
* Updated sounds
* Increased the speed limit icon shown at the Navigator

* Slightly increased reflection glass in the cabin
* The buttons on the tidy now are red
* Front rail with the inscription "RENAULT" is now done through the normal relief
* Reworked the entrance inlet - now he is painted
* Skins "Renault Magnum" and "Route 66" is now made in the form of a mask, with a choice of colors
* Updated attributes hide_in in mirrors
* Due to the default traffic removed Magnum

Knox_xss,dmitry68,oq37,kuba141, 50keda, Matthias

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