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Renault Magnum Updates v19.01 v1.30
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Renault Magnum Updates v19.01 v1.30

Changes in current version
* Adaptation for v1.30
* Bugfixes, corrections and improvements
* Added Nordic Coolliner trailer
* Now all tandem trailers including Nordic Coolliner trailer are linked to default cargoes!

Put the file magnum_updates_v19.01_by_knox_xss.zip into your \mod\ folder.
Put the file magnum_updates_v19.xx_fixes.zip into your \mod\ folder.

For tandems (optional)
Put the file magnum_updates_v19.xx_bdf.zip from "BDF" folder into your \mod\ folder.

Alternative sounds (optional)
Put any file from the "Sounds" folder into your \mod\ folder. This file must have higher priority than based mod files!

Helpful information
* If after beacon name there is a "Low beam" sign, then this beacon turned on with low beam.
* For connoisseurs of realism was added 1800 degree steering wheel in interior animation. You can uncomment it in files def\vehicle\truck\renault.magnum\interior\animations*.sui.

Test 1.30


  • Fake
    2017-12-17 10:51
    Upload by aldimator. Fake, no update, old mod
  • No fake
    2017-12-17 10:54
    This no kafe - this update
  • Guest
    2017-12-17 10:58
    Fake by aldimator. No update
  • Name
    2017-12-17 11:31
    Good moD!!! Thanks!!!
  • Alexcrazy
    2017-12-17 17:19
    stupid fakelast real update 18.01 and nothing more
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