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Renault Magnum v1.13.3
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Renault Magnum v1.13.3

***Look the Video for more Info´s***

* Many minor edits on the model of the Magnum and his cabin
* Improved and expanded animation cabin (steering wheel 900 degrees retarder, engine brake, battery, air, water, urea, ext. Coverage)
* Added Chassis “T6x2 PUSHER 4420?
* Restated weight distribution for all types of chassis
* Locator (balance chamber) is shifted to the center of the cockpit cabin
* Added option for cab chassis (“Rigid”)
* Changed the on-board computer
* On the track and side skirts added a third channel UV (only for the effect of “metallic” for new skins are not suitable)
* Salons added option “+ TV Tuner” (that worked LCD Panel)
* Added a light into the cabin (included as a flashing light)
* Added a new navigator (can be positioned on the left – gps, or right – cogps)
* Added deflectors for side windows
* Added pennants on the windshield
* Added an LCD panel in the cabin (without TV tuner does not work)
* Take a step through the cabin camera
* Front and side windows are now slightly reflect the environment
* Changed background navigator for Magnum “Route 66?
* Updated the color glow lamp
* Changed the headlights
* Changed glow taillights (texture and lamps)
* Added the front wheels “Elite Rider (Legend)”
* Redesigned skin “World of Trucks”
* On skin “Route 66? added to the effect of “metallic”
* Added some old default skins from previous versions of the game (for compatibility)
* Updated the “uncle’s” Magnum, in the UK they are now only with the wheel formula “6×2?
* At the traffic now travels the basic model of the Magnum (the same as a player)

SCS, Knox_xss

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