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Renault Premium Reworked v4.0 [1.30]
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Renault Premium Reworked v4.0 [1.30]

Hi everyone,

Mod replaces the default Renault Premium!
- 2 cabins, each cabin has a spoiler: 2 for high and 1 for low.
- All chassis
- Added nameplates engines
- Added decals on the side Windows
- 3 front bumper (fully paint, plastic + paint and fully plastic)
- 2 types of front mud flaps
- Completely redone the interior of the EU and partially redone animation EU
- Made real-backlit panel and buttons
- Added collision to the seat of the truck for all chassis
- Used textures from the mod Renault Magnum with permission knox_xss

Version 2.3:
- Fixed bugs the previous version
- Fixed mirror
- Added 3 new skins (Author: AlexeyP)
- Fixed lighting of the dashboard

Version 2.5:
- The mod is adapted to patch version 1.23
- Fixed nameplates

Updated version 2.8
- When you turn the retarder on the tachometer lights up in blue sector
- New skins logistic
- New sound blinkers
The author updates: AlexeyP

Updated version 3.0
- Mod is adapted to patch 1.24
- Added support for DLC "National Window Flags"
- Added animation button alarm
- Added animation of buttons lift axle
- Added animation of the hand brake lever (located between the seats)
- Added three trailers and animation support for them (replaces cool_liner, profiliner and fuel cistern)
Author of trailer: Rommi TZ
Author of wheels for trailer: Bora
The author of animation the supports for the trailer: Schumi

Updated version 3.2
- Fixed bugs
- Mod works for patch version 1.26 (should work on 1.25)
- Added a light mask to the dimensions of the factory sun visor

Updated version 3.3
- Fixed bugs
- Added new tuning

Updated version 3.4
- Fixed bugs
- Added new tuning
- Reworked interior and exterior
- New fuel tanks
- Reworked mirrors (interior and exterior)
- Added new skin

Updated version 3.5
- Fixed bugs
- Added a new chassis 4x2 (spare tire on the left side)
- Archive with mod added the onboard computer from piva (plug in option)

Updated version 3.5.1
- Fixed mirror

Updated version 3.6
- With permission of the author made adaptation mod under Signs on your Truck

Updated version 3.7
- The mod is adapted to patch version 1.27
- Fixed bugs
- New AO textures
- Reworked animations EU and UK

Updated version 3.8
- Fixed bugs
- New animations EU and UK:
- Animation button cruise control
- Animation of an automatic transmission
- Aux lamp switched on

Updated version 3.9
- The mod is adapted to patch version 1.28
- Fixed bugs
- New AO textures
- Added new tuning
- New fuel tanks
- New onboard computer (author: kuba141, piva and Schumi)

Updated version 4.0
- The mod is adapted to patch version 1.30
- Fixed bugs


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