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Renault Symbol 2009 v1.0
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Renault Symbol 2009 v1.0

Hello friends today I will share the most preferred RENAULT Symbol mode in our country again. I think the car was nice. Vehicle drawing Okan Ömeroğlu, first convert Ramis Akin, GTA SA convert and edit Kagan Göktürk, inner Yelkant Modacı AO belongs to Berkay Pekesen

Properties :
All indicators work
Engine sound available at 1.6
Own interior model
Own exterior model
Lip and luggage rack option
2 different wheel options
Metallic color

Things to Know  :
Tested in version 1.28.
Exits in all galleries
Unauthorized editing, modeling, re-uploading, sharing links, scs breaking is strictly forbidden!

Producer  : TRZPro
Model  : Okan Ömeroğlu, Yelkant Modacı, Kağan Göktürk
AO : Berkay Pekesen

TRZPro, Okan Ömeroğlu, Yelkant Modacı, Kağan Göktürk, Berkay Pekesen

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