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Renault T Range v6.2 [1.26.х]
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Renault T Range v6.2 [1.26.х]

Updating 6.2
Changes in the version:
- options of salon are added
- tuning is added
- some corrections and improvements
- new template

Versions of a game: 1.25 - 1.26

- The truck is on sale in car showroom Renault.
- It is registered in gallery of trucks and in the company.
- Has own add-ons, sounds, skins and a template.
- The registration, icons and sounds are open for editing.
- Access to other part fashion is closed.
- The skins and template.
- It is adapted for the last patch.
- New 3D interior (Two options).
- Two types of salon (Right side and Left side).
- Painting of wheels is added.
- Support of a provision of a wheel.
- The calendar is cleaned.
- Glasses on headlights are corrected.
- Small defects are corrected.
- Supports of all "DLC" are added
- The shadow is corrected.
- The sound is corrected.
- The collision is corrected.

- Jekich1, SCS: 3D model.
- Virat: 3D interior.
- Stas556: Converting, animation, setup.
- Fire-Blade: Coauthor, modeling.
- Mishanka: Registration.
- Kriechbaum: Sounds, engines, transmissions.
- NN-Mihail: Technical support, textures.
- Robert Bogdanov: A template for skins.
- Dave Burgess: Skin of "Seven Lincs Transport".
- Evelin Sophie: Renault T Skin Pak. Test, dashboards.
- Smith: Zapechka, the help with animation.

  • Baz72
    2017-01-28 15:49
    winzip encounted a problem
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    2017-01-28 16:35
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  • Pieper
    2017-01-29 21:26
    just a reupload from previous version DONT DOWNLOAD THIS CRAP nothing new
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