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Replacer Builder Pack v1.0
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Replacer Builder Pack v1.0

Replacer Builder Pack 1.0 by Wellano
With the patch 1.17.1 SCS has the Trailer Park greatly increased and the old Replacer cover only a small portion of the textures from. I have now even created a new Replacer I want you to leave in the raw version also.
It is a builder, a skeleton no longer I have only allocated only all trailers own texture. As textures I have used the originals, because to be drawn within 1 week well over 200 textures Währe a bit too much of a good. Who brings the Replacer despite all the the game, will be able to notice any change.
I have split the trailer by type, so you keep better overview and who wants just one trailer does not have to painstakingly fished out again all machines from a pack. Who wants a big pack only has to copy all of the individual trailer in a folder.
Each trailer click "\ vehicle \ trailer_eu \" trailer type "you will find a txt file. There is listed which company / texture can be found behind which DDS.
The neutral / Empty texture as with Patch 1.18 2 new Scout Car textures have also been added. Part of the Mega Trailers (Load Carrier) is already available, these textures I have not considered.
Just replace the DDS with your desired texture, grab an SCS and activate the game. Videos on YouTube Tube or tutorial how to pack a SCS there are now sufficient to simply times after Googling.

Replacer Builder Content:
Cement Cistern 23 textures
Chemical 10 textures
Cool Liner 30 textures
Fridge 30 textures
Fuel Cistern 14 textures
Universal 35 textures
Profi Liner 35 textures
Food Cistern 26 textures
Container 10 textures
Reefer 10 textures
Total: 223 textures
The copyrights are owned by SCS Software. The Pack may not be offered everywhere and re-uploaded. The Pack may edited in part or in whole at any time be re-released.
Have fun with it, Wellano.

SCS Software

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