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Reworked S KI Solid v2.1 by FreD_ (Update 31-10-2018)
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Reworked S KI Solid v2.1 by FreD_ (Update 31-10-2018)

Hello Guys, today i tried something Different from Truck Modding.
I modded a Trailer.
It's a small Mod but for Realism sometimes small Things do the Trick.
Keep in mind - it's a rework, so nothing Standalone, just a replacement!

Changelog 2.1
* Added Trailer Cables (thx to Aradeth)

Changelog 2.0
* reworked Lightmasks (placed Flares correctly)
* reworked Lights (Changed Textures of Position Lights)
* removed Decals (Added them as 3D Planes)
* Added new Shadows
* rebaked Textures to get higher Quality
* corrected all Logos
* Customizeable License Plate


  • Fred
    2018-11-02 07:59
  • Fred
    2018-11-02 08:00
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