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Reworked Scania R1000 v1.0
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Reworked Scania R1000 v1.0

reworked this Mod with various other Parts from me, but most Parts from other modders.
I want create a Truck with more Tuning possibility and different look.
I set the addon parts from dlc mighty griffin in correct position.
The models are NOT converted in the new PMD files, so there are many ERRORS in the log file, but it works in 1.27xx without
problems, maybe in 1.26 too.
Truck has a own Physik, it is not realistic, but I like, when the Truck is bouncing. If you dont like it, you can use another
There are 2 files in rar, you need booth if you want use all Parts.
For the videos in the interior, it is better you use a brighter Truckcolour.
Truck has a own sound, but only for the dc16 series. If you want use the 1000hp engine, you must buy an another engine dc16 730 for
example and start the engine and then buy the 1000hp engine. Otherwise there is stock sound. I dont no why.

Dashboard Piva
Interior and other Parts Zeeuwse Trucker, Afrosmiu, Geovane Rocha, JR65, 50keeda, TEAM B3DP, jeyjey-16, SISL, Anatoliy7469, Blade1974,
Sound Kriechbaum, Alexa Swift
Swheel anim indian56
and ETS2MOD of course the owners of these awesome Truck.

  • Nofake
    2017-08-02 15:22
    game crash! my game v1.28
  • Guest
    2017-08-02 15:23
    Crashes for me too, tried 1.27 and 1.28.
  • Guest
    2017-08-02 15:24
    Fake again.Upload by mods_ats
  • Guest
    2017-08-02 15:25
    mods_ats, когда ты сдохнешь, урод
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