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Reworked TomTom navigator mod for all trucks
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Reworked TomTom navigator mod for all trucks

Hello sim drivers!
This is the rework of the TomTom navi mod. I updated to the latest patch, and I make a little rework on this mod.

– Suitable for all standard SCS truck what does not have integrated GPS
– Works fine with RJL’s Scania “R” and “T” and MADster’s MAN TGX mod (added definitions)
– Changed the GPS background to more realistic
– Added more colors and 2 special textures
– Game version compatibility: ETS2 1.18.x; 1.19.x; 1.20.x; 1.21.x
– Added manifest.sii

Available colors:

– Blue
– Red
– Green
– White
– Black
– Orange
– Beige

– Wooden texture
– Carbon fiber texture

Plans for the future:

– Make compatible with 50keda’s DAF XF
– Add more colors

How to use: Extract -> Paste the scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder -> Run game -> Mod Manager -> Enable mod

In game: go to a garage and select the secondary driver plate and choose the GPS. This mod works with right handed trucks!

Set to high priority in the mod manager!

Author of the original mod: ?????
Rework and update: DI3S3L

Enjoy! :D

Some screenshots:


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