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Rigid chassis for RJL Scania T & T4 (Kraker / NTM / Ekeri) v3.0.1
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Rigid chassis for RJL Scania T & T4 (Kraker / NTM / Ekeri) v3.0.1

Rigid chassis addon for Scania T and T 4-series by RJL.

Changelog v3.0 to 3.0.1
Fixed some problems that made the game crash if the Scania RS mod isn’t activated
Fixed a couple of bugs with taillights
Switched to Kasts chassis icons

You must have the latest version of the Scania T mod by RJL activated for this mod to work.
You must have Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast activated for this mod to work properly
This addon gives you NTM/Ekeri/Kraker rigid chassis for Scania T. All chassis has the same tuning options as the original

• Chassis for both regular as the extended cab
• 6×2 Rigid Rear steer
• 6×2 Rigid Rear steer Taglift
• 6×4 Rigid
• 6×2 Rigid Taglift

Available cargo boxes are the same as in Kasts addon.

Kast – Mod base
RJL – Base truck

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