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Road reworked RusMap v1.8.1 v3.0 1.35
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Road reworked RusMap v1.8.1 v3.0 1.35

A section of the Roslavl-Yukhnov route has been added.
Added route Oryol-Yelets.
Added the city of Yelets.

Reworked map. roads, cities, us. points.
Works DX9 and DX11.
Compatible with the following cards. South-Region-7.9.0 Map of the Volga 1.0 Map of the Great Steppe 1.2
The tracks were updated and the cities of V. Novgorod, Porkhov, Kholm, Valdai, Ostashkov, V. Volochek, V. Luki, Nevel, Velizh, Rzhev, Tver, Klin, Volokolamsk, Vyazma, Smolensk, Roslavl, Bryansk, Voronezh, Orel, were restored. Obninsk, Yukhnov, Kursk.
Updated transit villages, villages, villages.

Author rework pal- palych. author original map is [email protected] The author of the interchanges is brainiac.

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