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ROC + PRC names mod 1.27.x
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ROC + PRC names mod 1.27.x

Description: Mods remove numbers and Chinese signs from the names of country, cities and some ferry connections in R.O.C. (Republik of China) and PRC maps (BTW: Thanks for yakuan for the great mod!).


  • Ludvick
    2017-03-18 21:22
    Hi!To Admins of this page:I'm ludvick - Author of this mod!That's very nice to read that the mod works with version 1.27, however the mod was intended for version 1.26 (and 1.25).Please or remove this post or change the name of it into proper one.BTW: I have just made another entry with this mod...
  • Kerim
    2017-03-22 12:02
    0.22 what?? 0.11 what??
  • Ludvick
    2017-03-25 23:50
    link to this version of the mod is:http://sharemods.com/k13v3lrzym7q/[email protected]: "0.22 what?? 0.11 what??" - what do you mean?
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