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Rolinng skin for Scania RJL v1.0
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Rolinng skin for Scania RJL v1.0

Roling Scania R500 - 6-series Topline
All graphics have been rebuilt from scratch, except for the artwork on the back of the cab. Skin only fits the 6-series Scania Topline, due to graphics.

Skin is suitable for the Scania from RJL (tested with v2.0) - Topline 6-series only due to graphics.
Skin is made in 4k resolution, no compression is used generating the .dds texture files.
I added some extra skinning so the skin also supports the custom rear bumper from ChefPrutser, the custom side fenders from PowerKasi and the painted Maxion rims from Abasstreppas.

Required mod(s)
Scania R & Streamline Modifications >> tested with v2.0
ChefPrutser - Custom backbumper for Scania RJL R&T
PowerKasi Scania RS Addons
Abasstreppas Wheelpack v3.0

Graphics & skin: DaStig
Truck and template: RJL - SCS
Custom backbumper: ChefPrutser
Custom side fenders: PowerKasi
Rims: Abasstreppas

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