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Roman Diesel v0.1 by Traian
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Roman Diesel v0.1 by Traian

Roman Diesel v0.1 – First Romanian truck in ETS 2!!!
Roman Diesel (also known as Raba) is a romanian old-school truck.
This is my first truck that i made for this game and don’t expect to be perfect.
What does the truck have at the moment?
-Its original engine with 200hp
-Its original 6 speed transmission
-1 dirty skin
-You can customize it
-It has a MAN F90 interior but i’m working to make its own interior.
This the first version, i will continue to work on it.
You can support me by donating through PayPal at adress : [email protected]
Works on 1.25 and you can find it in MAN truck dealer.
EN: With this truck has been built Romania!


  • Spiky
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    Roman and DAC never used the MAN F90 cab. They got the license for the older MAN cabs known as F7/ F8 cab versions. MAN produced them in 1972–1983.
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