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ROMANIA Truck Simulator v1 CRASH FIX
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ROMANIA Truck Simulator v1 CRASH FIX

# ROMANIA Truck Simulator #
- creator: MIRFI (Romania)
- version 1.00 CRASH FIX (still BETA)
- for ETS 2 v1.8.2.5s
- To ensure compatibily for all users and avoid any crashes, may contain parts of “EU Map 1.7″ by Mike888

Enjoy the Romanian experience and roam the dusty Carpathian roads!
1. Copy "RTS v1 by MIRFI.scs" to /My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod.
2. Run ETS2.
3. Start a new profile or edit your existing one, selecting the mod from the window on the right of the screen.
4. Enjoy!

-> 13 Romanian cities: Bacau, Brasov, Bucharest, Buzau, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, Dej, Iasi, Oradea, Piatra-Neamt, Pitesti and Sibiu.
-> adjusted to the original SCS map scale
-> detail compared to the original SCS map
-> real roads and landscape

-> Compatibily with the ProMods map possible only after a small fix (look in the game.log for the idea). I can't tell you the fix though, because it envolves modifying the ProMods archive. Experienced users can make the maps work together without major problems.

@2014 MIRFI


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