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Romanian Map v8.3
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Romanian Map v8.3

- In this version you traffic updates
- There are new vehicles and two trailers that will put to the test ....
- Special purpose vehicles (ambulance, fire and police) have now functional sounds.
- All vehicles with flashing lights (of traffic) now have real rotating beacons.
- The frequency is lower than vehicles with sound (otherwise you stop speakers)
- If you have used "nospecialsound.scs" is no longer functional, delete and ignore the warning loading.
- There are some corrections "aesthetic" in the map.

Changes in v8.1:
- Changes are made to some models to improve performance.
These moficari are found in almost all ways.
- When winter mode is increased during (the window delivery) of goods.
- Map corrections are made.
- Mod is improved
- Corrections to how autumn textures and mapping.
- New vehicles in traffic You (tandem) with speed correction mode winter.
- I hope that now the exhaust fumes to be OK ....

These are the last (I hope) correction models.
It set the stage for November 3 cities car will be available in future updates
(Buzias, Oravita and Anina).

Changes in v8.0:
- Models are changed from Auchan and Lidl those offered by 50k. (the traffic in the parking lot).
- Adjusts to all trucks, tank capacity add-blue according to the diesel. Valid for Europe !!!
- The integrated wheel off-road package by kamaznik, specially modified for the winter mode.
- They changed the default tires (including quick race) to allow driving in winter.
- They added 2 mods traffic. Minimal those with weak PC. Insane (Insanity) for those with "missiles", who want to have part of "nerves." Both mods works with any map !!!! There should be a higher priority as the map !!!!
- Specific sounds are added to the map companies (those not), and are diversified or changed the "old". Note: Although I managed to find the net some sounds, like we've taken. I hope to be OK ....
- I made some corrections and optimizations map of the models used.
After the modification, in an update, put in the same place ....

Changes in version 7.9:
- Checks are models whose location was changed with patch 1.22
- Vehicles are added "slow" traffic
- Reduced the frequency of ad index with "beacon". Some specific sound attached.
- Changes the "texture" of roads
- The way the winter rebuilt. Note: The quick jobs do not use automatic transmission !!!! The truck, select the winter tires included !!! Do not use the winter mode than for Romania map !!!!!
- They add texture to your fall fashion
- Some definitions are correct and there are some corrections in map

Important !!!
And maps of Romania and Europe require Trailer pack's guide
Europe is consistent with the original map and TSM 6.2
It is necessary this DLC East and North !!!!

- Map was adopted version 1.22.a game;
- new improvements and bug fixes.
Full version ! (not requiring add- on)
What are the changes from the original map (version 2.0 ) :
- 10 new cities perfectly functional ( Ploiesti , Tulcea, Weeda Company, Viseu de Sus , Lugoj, Jimbolia Cotnari Eforie North Pecica , Sibiu) . You can start new profile of these cities or villages.
- Constanta port is added .
- The ports of Constanta and Tulcea are functional as transport of goods .
- Airport Arad is functional to transport goods .
- Models for Auchan and Lidl are exchanged and functional .
- I corrected models causing crash or lags during the game.
- New route Arad - Brad.
- Jimbolia - Sanicolau direct route .
- Lugoj -Timisoara- Arad highway with toll points .
- Bucharest - Constanta motorway charging points ..
- Increased number of vehicles ( trailers, of traffic , trucks ) , as the number of available cargo .
- Includes oversized trailers .
- Company new (ADP ) to work on the road .
- Coca Cola and The Greenery near Constanta ( arrive by sea ) ! !
- I corrected some errors in the map .
- New Scania chassis R.
- I " edited " acidentele road .
- Weather more realistic .
- Harder economy mode
- Many additional points of loading and unloading ( Bog'art and Kerslake )
-3 New companies added : Real , Metro , Praktiker .
- In cities specific license plate region and beyond can be found all possible numbers , there are numbers leasing .
- I changed some intersections outside the cities ( small roundabout ) .
- The points marked with speed restrictions , traffic respect them , so pay attention to the speed ...
- OK compatibility with V 1.8 of ETS 2 on the new Volvo and Scania Streamliner game .
- It adds a new bank credit line , available at level 6.

In archive there is paper that does not contain additional traffic ( all cargo is kept , otherwise it would not work a number of companies ) . That means : you traffic , traffic trailer and truck traffic are the original game ...
Those PCs performance and want increased traffic , enable << zzzTraffic for Romania map >> V5.2.scs . In archive is included and how zzzzWinterMod for winter << >> Map of Romania V5.02scs .

Important ! Due to compatibility with dlc to start a new profile must select the game mode<> otherwise you will not have the map .
Check if the game mode selected appears <> If not, you have to start a new profile.
Since present several new models , it is recommended PC memory as much . For those who have not , reduce the resolution and / or graphic details to avoid memory problems .

Elyxir, Alin2008Todor

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