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Romanian Map v9.2 + Patch 9.2.02 for Harta Romanei (1.28.x)
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Romanian Map v9.2 + Patch 9.2.02 for Harta Romanei (1.28.x)

Romanian Map v9.2 + Patch 9.2.02 (1.28.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

New Patch 9.2.02:
-Fix the wrong companies in Piatra Neamt and Calarasi
-Resolved CTD at "Job Market"
-Fix some hookup files
-Fixed some parking models

Changes in 9.2
- map adapted to 1.28 patch.
- police vehicle are splited in "police on duty" (don't fine you) and normal police vehicle (when fined, the toll is half of normal value).
- increased traffic density in city.
- double's are allowed.
- traffic_double_triple_trailers.scs are optional. In winter the speed of truck hauling double ad triples are reduced. It's make by pep based on more than 100 of Jazzycat's trucks
- added heavy cargo from hevy_cargo.dlc in traffic.
- added realistic mass to train cariadge.
- at large tollgate, then passing at card sections don't need to stop.
- added realistic flare by PIVA.
- reworked company prefabs to acomodate double trailers.
- corection to map.

Changes in 9.1
- solved LP warnings issue.
- incresed traffic on small roads.
- reworked trains and boats.
- fixed missing LP plates.
- tweked animantion on prefab's.
- some correction on map.

Changes in v9.0
- dlc France is now required.
- new traffic vehicle (using new features)
- new train and carriadge
- tractors with tandem trailers
- reworked all railroads crossing
- changed static gate in company prefabs with animated ones.

Notw: Wait gate to be fully open, otherwise will take damage !!!!
- parked vehicles are more often on night then day.
- make season mods comnpatible with 1.26 version.

Old Versions
Romania map require trailer mod to be activated.
At Romanian map, if tha map it is not activated, you must create a new profile, and, at game mod, select romania.mdb
Sesons mods must have higher priority than map.
Some traffic vehicle have specific sound engine.
Hired driver number is increased to 494
Drivers names are Romanian.
Added new models or edited old ones.
You can have automatic season changer in game. Details in Season_changer.zip file
If you want only a specific season mod, extract it from Season Changer.zip file to mod folder and activate-it !
Increased traction in winter, and , from now, you don't have anymore, snow in tunnels !
Crossroads and prefabs, in winter, behave like roads.
Reworked many models, some new, correction on map, and fixed crashes on beta's due to wheels on trucks and trailers.
Important ! Due to compatibility with dlc to start a new profile must select the game mode<> otherwise you will not have the map .
Check if the game mode selected appears <> If not, you have to start a new profile.
Since present several new models , it is recommended PC memory as much . For those who have not , reduce the resolution and / or graphic details to avoid memory problems .
To use the additional traffic mode , depending on resolution and graphic details , it is necessary to have at least 8 GB RAM installed in the system.

Tested on game version 1.28.x
Download all three Files v9.2:
Patch v9.2.02:

Elyxir, Alin2008Todor

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    Czy ma może ktoś już utworzony profil tej mapy i czy by dał linka tego profilu bo mnie gra się zawiesza jak chcę utworzyć profil nowy
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