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Rudis Krone Cooltrailer Skins 1.27
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Rudis Krone Cooltrailer Skins 1.27

I found this trailer at etsmods.net. It was for version 1.23.
All credits i found for the trailer was micha bf3.

The trailer works well with 1.27, but don´t have animation, and.........
has a collisions problem if you want play with a 4x2 Truck chassi.
If you want take a freight with this trailer, you must take a chassi where the fifth wheel sitting not to close to the Truck cabin.
Just watch the video. It´s not a big problem, if you know about it. Best way, take a 6x4 chassi, they will work well.
Maybe one day i will learn to work with Blender, then i will fix that.
If anyone else like to do that, feel free. But remember, this trailer modell is not mine, i did only some skins.

– Medium quality (2048)
– Standalone
– KI traffic
– Cargo
– Game Version 1.27!!
– Clean game log.

I did 10 skins from following companies:
France: sonepar
Germany: Cargoline/Wackler, WWF
Polen: Kolporter
Sweden: Tidatrans, Nils Hansson, Lehnkering, Cargorange
Switzerland: Schützengarten, Carno

Trailer: micha bf3, Skins: Rudi

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    DAF sound ?
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    Cooling Sound ?
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