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Rudis Profiliner Pack v1.0 for game version 1.27
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Rudis Profiliner Pack v1.0 for game version 1.27

  My first skins ever. Even never worked before with any paint or grafhik progams.
  So I´m a beginner, and I hope next trailers will be better.

- This trailer skins made for the game version 1.27!
- No errors or warnings in the game log! Yes, it´s possible, also for a newbie like me.
  It takes around 2 minutes more time for each trailer to make a clean Mod!
- Graphik setted to medium reselutions. Something with 2000.
- KI traffic.
- For each trailer 2 cargos.
- Don´t replace any other trailers.

  20 different skins from real companys. I was trying to make the skins real like i saw the trailers,
  but with my low skills it was not always possible.

2  Turkey:     Alfa, Barsan
1  Serbia:     Darkom
1  Slovenia:   Draganovis
2  Bulgaria:   Dunapack, JetTrans
2  Poland:     Fortis Sound, Aldo
1  Czech:      Retex
1  Italia:     Susa
1  Russia:     Classen
1  Estonia:    Karuse
1  Nederland:  Plokker
5  Germany:    Cargo Sleep, DU, Haarhaus, Linister, tews,
2  International/No name: ThyssenKrupp, No name


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