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Rudi´s Rush Hour v1.0
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Rudi´s Rush Hour v1.0

If you are tired of low traffic density all day long,
if you are missing rush hours in the morning and afternoon,
if your PC are strong enough,
then you can try this mod.

In this version, there is plenty of traffic all day long.
Of course also rush hours in the morning and in the afternoon, and low traffic in the night.
But if you notice also in the evening and night sometimes much traffic, that i can´t change. If you ask me, that´s a bug from SCS. My settings already very very low for this time splits. I hope they will fix that one day, maybe with 1.27?

The AI’s are actually also friendly, but nevertheless it comes from time to time to accidents.
Normally it will be quickly resolved, but it can be also happens that you stuck. Therefore I recommend to quick save the game from time to time.

In addition, I recommend Improved semaphore cycles by brainiac. This mod can be found in the ProMods forum, the thread name is:
Better traffic flow, curr. Hungary rebuild, and other mods.

Should be there any problems or bugs, then please contact me. Otherwise I can not look whether I can fix.

This mod should be work with any maps, and traffic/trailer packs.


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