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Rus MAP v1.12.1
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Rus MAP v1.12.1

Compatibility with other maps:
The order of the files in the mod Folder.

MHA map EU 1.5.1 by MsHeavyAlex + RusMap v1.3.5
ProMods v.1.71 + RusMap v1.3.5
ProMods v.1.71 + Poland Rebuilding v.1.70 + RusMap v1.3.5
Truck Sim Map 5.1.2 + RusMap v1.3.5

Attention: RusMap + TSM_Map_terrain_FIX connect in profile only on the territory of Russia and Belarus. Use only with maps RusMap + TSM. On the territory of the EU and North Africa, it is recommended to disable.
With other cards have not been tested.

Author: SCS, Vladimir Struzhkov, ets2modsru1

  • Soto
    2014-09-17 07:34
    very nice map ;)
  • Mjay from za
    2014-09-17 16:49
    Okay guys, I've noticed a problem ... I'm using Pro Mods 1.71+ Poland Rebuild 1.70 when adding RUSmap 1.3.5 or 1.3.7 my game crashes to desktop ... and on a closer look at my game.log , I get the following error .." [unit] File '/def/world/vegetation.rus.sii': " and it continues with every detail, birch 1 , tree low etc. ...any fixes for this?? as I really want to add Rusmap 1.3.5 to my game.
  • Albert
    2014-10-02 23:36
    hellos,okay works with tsm 5.1.2 + MAP INDONESIA Jalur Selatan 1.3 - ADD-ON no bug for now I test yet but the game runs without problem and it is fluid
  • Bishaa
    2015-01-17 21:01
    the password pls ??
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