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Russian Open Spaces Map v2.1
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Russian Open Spaces Map v2.1

Version 2.1:
– Bugs fixed
– Added a new version of the weather
– To install, replace the existing file from a previous version

Map of Russia (53 New City)

Supported version of the game:
1.16.2 + DLC Going East

Some features of the Map:
– On the map there are more than 40 hidden roads of the different road surface and a length of from 5 to 762 km
– 12 military units with their garages
– 13 ferries and 4 airports provide domestic and international shipping
– Three railway station for transportation in Russia
– The remaining features will find themselves

Compatibility with third party mod:
– Can be combined with 90% of existing cards, but it is not specifically tested, so experiment and share your results in this thread.
– Packs trailers from Jazzycat
– Any offline trailers
– Compatibility with other mods have not been tested and has not been tested

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link.


  • Guest
    2015-03-15 20:52
    hi just tried this map in 1.16.2 and it crashed my game it was the only mod i had working at the time
  • Yes


    2015-03-16 00:32
    hm, try a look my frind:the Download is ... 12 MB Big ?and have so much inside ?i think it s a fake Link, think about..the real open spaces, have more than 400 mb ( i think 600 ? or more ? not in brain this time ) so try to download the real mod, not a fake...
  • Yes


    2015-03-16 00:33
    and here a hint i wrote on a other place:The map is nice, but changes to muchno direkt road connectionand: brings his own weather, you cant merge to tsm or brazil ore russmapso you need a weather fix.the "hidden roads" are just "unfinisht roads", you need also the Mod:"Eastern Express" and this is not supportet after 1.15 so you need theeastern express and morozov Fix, and than you have a really big Russia.
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