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Russian Open Spaces v4.0
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Russian Open Spaces v4.0

Update 4.0:
- Fixed all errors associated with the transition to a new version of the game.
- Added to the police car traffic.
- In the area of military units, one can meet the movement of military equipment.
- In traffic, you can find a column of buses.
- Fixed bugs found in the previous version.


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    2017-03-30 11:19
    Author links:http://sharemods.com/w5rad49sv6si/Russian_open_spaces_27.rar.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/rwq0o0opvevn/Russian_open_spaces_27map.rar.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/3pqfdfjk02lb/Russian_open_spaces_model_27.rar.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/prk010tn79uq/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_27.rar.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/1mgnc1pnjhyk/the_speed_of_the_snow.rar.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/iljq8f2it0n8/no_sound.rar.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/p7dced6c2ovs/2_kontur.rar.html
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