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Russian Open Spaces v7.5 1.35
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Russian Open Spaces v7.5 1.35

Map of Russia (63 cities).

Update 7.5:
 - Adapted for the new version of the game.
 - Replaced some trailers and models that give errors on the new version.
 - Fixed moving models that have shifted after the update.
 - Improved vegetation, roads have been altered in some parts of the map.
 - Added ferry New Ladoga-Gdansk, Gdynia-New Ladoga.
 - Fixed found errors of the previous version.

Cities and towns in Russia:
Alakurtti, Arzamas 16, Arkhangelsk, the Great, Upper Nyud, Vologda, Vorkuta, Vuktyl, Vytegra, Gubkinsky, Izhma, Inta, Kargopol, Kem, Kineshma, Kirov, Kovrov, Kondopog, Kotala, Kotlas, Red Bogatyr, Labyntnans, Residents, Candies, Residents , Mirny, Muravlenko, Murmansk, Nadym, Naryan-Mar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novaya Ladoga, Novomoskovsk, Novy Urengoy, Ozerny, Okunev Nos, Onega, Oshta, Plesetsk, Village Named Morozova, Salekhard, Severodvinsk, Severomorsk, Severomorsk 3, Severomorsk, Severomorsk, Selekhard Soviet, Stepanovo, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tikhvin, Tobolsk, Tosno, Ukolok, Ust-Usa, Ust- elm, Ukhta, Uholovo, Khanty-Mansiysk, Kharyaga, Kholmogory, Khorey Vere, Cherepovets, Shlisselburg, Yugorsk.

Link 4 https://sharemods.com/we9cd9ujthy4/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_35.rar.html
Link 5 https://sharemods.com/bm21exgk4lr5/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_truck_35.rar.html

The authors of the models: oq37, kosa6414, klipstoeun8839.
Author of loading screens, new company skins, truck and tow truck skins and new trailer skins :: ♕-SlawkA-♕.
Testers: sowa, Olsestar.
The mod used models taken from the map:
- RusMap (with the permission of the author of models Gricko).
- TSM MAP (version from mario1961, with his permission).

- In the model used trailer models: Semi-trailer nefaz tentovanny and semi-trailer nefaz tank (with the permission of the author models Koral).
- In the model used trailer models from Jazzycat, Roadhunter, Satan19990, Syncron3DCreations, Patrick Poulsen, MDModding.

- Crane model for tow truck taken from the mod "Renault Magnum Recovery" Author: Laxi.


- Many thanks to kosa6414 for learning how to work with Zmodeler 3!

- Many thanks to Sergey (Term99) for helping to create the intersection prefab for passenger cars.

- Many thanks to Schumi for the assistance in working with new models!
- And of course, many thanks to my assistants - sowa and Olsestar!

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