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Salva modifiche Mod Alloy Wheels V2 by Afrosmiu
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Salva modifiche Mod Alloy Wheels V2 by Afrosmiu

La mod e compatibile con tutti i truck di gioco..Versione di gioco 1.27 – 1.28
non reuppate lo stesso mod su altre piattaforme con il vostro nome,cosi facendo, faccio cancellare il tuo download
The mod works perfectly with the game version 1.27 1.28
New version Lateral side tubes


  • Willy1962
    2017-08-06 11:12
    maybe possible to make an ATS version ?
  • Portegies
    2017-08-06 12:03
    @WILLY1962Wheel mods work in both ATS and ETS2.Put this mod in your ats folder.
  • Willy1962
    2017-08-06 12:19
    Thanks for the news.
  • Afrosmiu
    2017-08-06 12:22
  • Afrosmiu
    2017-08-06 14:52
    Do not re-install the same mod on other platforms with your name, I’ll delete your downloadProfilo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/afrosmiuets2Credits:Afrosmiu
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