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Scandinavia Mod, ProMods Map add-on v0.1
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Scandinavia Mod, ProMods Map add-on v0.1

– Norway: Southeast Bergen,
Postnord terminal in Southeast Bergen(Drekkar Trans by default),
Container port area in Bergen,
Bergen container terminal
– Denmark: Copenhagen-Sjællands Odde(road 21),
Kolding South E45 highway intersection,
Holbæk West intersection(road 21),
Tølløse highway intersection(road 21/23),
Sjællands Odde-Aarhus(ferry),
Farm in Havnebyen,
Dagli’brugsen in Havnebyen

– Denmark: Havnebyen

Compatibility and requirements:
– ETS2 patch 1.28
– Requires ProMods 2.20(not compatible with 2.18 or earlier versions)
– Requires all three map DLCs(Going East, Scandinavia and Vive La France)
– Work with all other maps that are compatible with ProMods
– No need to start a new profile. You can use it in your same profile as you have ProMods in.

– SCS Software
– ProMods
– Chris94_NOR(developer of ScandinaviaMod)

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    2017-09-06 10:59
    Круиз ты шизик, вставь эту ссылку к себе, выше)
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