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Scandinavian Expansion v0.4
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Scandinavian Expansion v0.4

Expansion of Scandinavia (More Scandinavia Add-on)
This map mod that adds 3 new cities in Scandinavia.
You do not need to create a new profile, simply include all the files in the mod manager and have fun :)
This addition - continues to map north of Bergen, in the Northern Territory
These are the first three additional cities:
- Knarvik
- Hundvin
- Dlasoyra
Remember! This supplement is 100% made from the imagination, does not represent a real landscape!
This mod is also open: one road in the city of Bergen, another small country road in the north-east of Bergen (Bergen-Oslo route)
Known bugs: an invisible wall at the Polaris lines in Dalsoyra - I do not know yet how to solve it, I have tried all the methods, but it is not, in the next update I will tackle these and other errors.
Update v0.4:
- New City Torsby
- Changed the position of the city of Gavle
- New roads
- Error correction
- Added manifesto
A lot of different areas with many details.
Good luck and safe driving :)
Test version 1.23

Автор: Killer Modding, TZ Express

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