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Scania 1 Series v2 Fixed (1.26)
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Scania 1 Series v2 Fixed (1.26)

Fixed small bugs, added in quick job in UK.

3 cabins (110/140, Normal, Longline)
5 chassis (1 of them bdf)
3 engine
Its interior (3 interior version)
Its sounds for each engine
Its wheels with tires (4 variants of front discs and rear 2 and bolts / wheel hub are also present)
Paint (+ to choose from 6 skins)
Many tuning
Quick job
Supports DLC Cabin Accessories, DLC National Window Flags, as well as part of the Mighty Driffin DLC
Support adwanced coupling
Added also adds the ability to cling BDF trailers (for BDF chassis only) trailers BDF but should be only low coupling, an example - "Tandem Pack Mod V1.2.1"

What's New in v2:
Added new booths 110/140 and Longline
Added wheels, tires, etc, added even more dop.tyuninga and also added a real engine and transmission
Added their sounds
Added interior Oldschool and added physics to all mud flaps
Added support for DLC National Window Flags, and partly Mighty Driffin DLC
Fixed interior animation
Fixed collision 6x4 chassis, as well as found and removed all the errors and bugs

Autors: SHOOFER, Mahyar.Gh, Gustavo Siebel, Ariaei group pc, Amir mahdavi, Federico Cardinali, Adaptation for 1.26 - Phantom94, vovangt4.

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