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SCANIA 143M Game all versions, Mod V1.0
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SCANIA 143M Game all versions, Mod V1.0

So new year started and I decided to share this standalone Scania V8 500 mod. NL (Netherland) style. Looks fantastic. Have a lot of small lamps. Original mirrors, like real. Have V8 500 horses power engine. Mod version V1.0, and tested on 1.15, but may work on all versions. Enjoy this mod. P.S I think best looking with container trailers, but its Your opportunity. Enjoy!!! :)

Minya, Tosky28, Tyson

  • Daramin
    2015-01-02 19:53
    The photo is fake!! Its just the regular 143m. Now unless there is an actual link to the truck seen in the screenshot, I'd say remove this mod!
  • Scania r
    2015-01-02 21:39
    I agree!!Fake mod,not the truck in the picture!!This is an old mod,remove it!!
  • Twinky
    2015-01-02 22:02
    it is crap it is so much fake remove it
  • Mike
    2015-04-12 00:47
    it is fake its not the truck in the pic place the original or place nothing
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