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Scania 143M + Interior v2.5
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Scania 143M + Interior v2.5

– Adjust the mounting points for accessories
– Append all the missing flares
– Adding the possibility of painting the tractor
– Writing a replica engines to be installed in this model
– Append mirrors in three variants
– Add the possibilities of painting kangaroos with cabin
– Removed unnecessary wheel models
– Added Scania for quick jobs
– is an autonomous tractor unit available in the large lounge Scania (7 slot)
– Adjustment of the price level as the car used
– converted and credited the interior in two versions
– Append missing matrixów
– Gearboxes 10, 12, 12r
– They work all mirrors
– Added 15 points hook registration
– Added on-board computer
– added four types of cabs and chassis (finish)
– raised slightly 4×2 chassis base
– Added running counter gear
– Added exhaust behind the cab as a tuning
– Added dedicated bottomgrill
– Added GPS, Cam DRV
– Roof rack added as a separate part (only for models Josephine and Maggie)
– slots for leds credited to the cabin (roofgrill)
– Added backlight CB 25
– Added 26 6X4 chassis
– Wipers collect rain, in terms of its movement (thanks to the help of Moses)
– Added chassis 6×2 / 4
– Added chassis 6×6 H
– markings on the cab compatible with your version of the engine
– Added banner as a separate part
– Added the ability to install luminous strings on the hood
– sharpened image in mirrors
– Removed Russian Members List
– The tractor has its own independent camera with full compatibility with other mods
– Added sideskirts
– Added klmatyzacjÄ™ Waeco
– Added interior fittings in the form of setups
– Added a third interior “White Angel”
– Added color interior illumination
– Added side fairing on the glass in two variants
– Added setups backlight (for cab)
– redesigning the chassis Maggie in style Dutch

Authors: Newton, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo, Ekualizer

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