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Scania 164L
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Scania 164L

Scania 164L 480V8 - Christmas gift from Punisher
As a thank you to the community for their support and a way of saying Happy Holidays, I have decided to release my 4 Series. The mod still has some bugs on it but it is still a very good base put together by myself.
It is standalone from the default Scania and replaces 50keda's truck if you have that activated in your game. You need to purchase the truck at a European Truck Dealer. Definitions have also been edited so that the 50k accessories work on the default Scania and the default Streamline. Please give credits if you plan to redistribute in VTCs or any form of community. Happy Holidays :)

Anaheim & Mr Poland
SCS Software

Put 'Scania 164L 480V8 by Punisher' in your mod folder, activate, then publish at a European dealer.

Punisher, 50keda, SheryO, Ruskov, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, SCS

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