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SCANIA 3 v1.30 FIX and MIX
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SCANIA 3 v1.30 FIX and MIX

SCANIA 3 v1.30 FIX and MIX


Tested on: 1.28.x / 1.30.x patch

The package includes:
SCANIA 3 v1.30.scs

Truck model SCANIA 3° series, available in the SCANIA dealers with:

– 1  cabin + 1 with spoiler
– 3  chassis 4x
– 3  chassis 6x
– 1  chassis bdf 4x
– 2  chassis bdf 6x
– 1  chassis bdf 4x
– 14 engine
– 7  transmission
– 4  interior
– Sounds
– External accessories
– Internal DLC accessories    (Requied: dlc toys)
– Internal SiSL’s accessories    (Requied: SiSL Mega Pack mod)

- BDF chassis are compatible with trailers BDF Tandem Truck Pack v85.2
- BDF cargo can be edited by modifying the dds files in:
  vehicle\truck\upgrade\cargo\tandem\CARGO TYPE\textures
- Rear mudflap can only be installed on the Vabis 4x2 chassis.
- Accessories with V8 logo are only available with V8 engines.
- Now the smoke is dispersed in the environment but remains always visible.
  Is not available for all exhaust.

Pallets v1.30 Beta.scs    

Cargo Pallets for BDF, available in 162 companies.

Fix and Mix: ME
Heavy edit: Ekualizer
Base model: SCS, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo
BDF chassis: iconRJ, Flemming V
Computer: piva
Sound L6: EVR Engine voice records
Sound V8: Kriechbaum
Container skin: Jazzycat
Other: unknown authors...

Pallets: by Maury, Stealsth, iconRJ

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