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Scania 730 Drive Train Rework V1
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Scania 730 Drive Train Rework V1

Scania Drivetrain Rework

This mod looks at the drive train of the Scania truck Range it includes a small rework of the DC730 Engine and introduces 1 Custom Gearbox for: Scania 4, Scania 143M, Scania R, Scania RS, Scania Streamline, Scania T and Scania Vabis.

Changes Made:
I have reworked the dc730 engine thus increasing the engine allocation, if other engine mods are active with DC730_2 this model is allocated DC730_3 so should still appear, it has ben badged DC16 ATK 730 Euro 6 for easy selection.

I have added some basic engine instructions such as:
rpm_idle: 600.
rpm_limit: 2100.
rpm_limit_neutral: 1500.

*I have created an engine brake instruction down selecting 1 gear when activated (*this only works with automatic ransmission).
I have increased the engine brake performance giving it a greater effect.

I have introduced a custom gearbox for the Scania range.
I have named it ATKO905R 14 Speed R for easy selection.
This gearbox has 14 forward gears and 4 reverse gears.
This gearbox includes CL and CH, which are Crawler low and Crawler High for those unsure of abbreviation.
There are a further 12 forward gears with custom ratio's which coupled with a Diff ratio of a low 2.47! (if memory serves me correctly the Scania coach ratio's are around 3.07 and the trucks normally at around 3.72) so this very low ratio gives you a top speed of around 120 mph, but the key benifits are as in the real truck's low reving engine speeds at road legal speed limits thus giving you good fuel return figures.

The choice is yours, the overall mod in my opinion gives a slightly more realistic feel to how a true 730bhp tractor unit performs.


Please make sure this mod is loaded with High Priority.
Simon Atkin - August 2016 V1.

Simon Atkin

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