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Scania Acessories - Remoled v12.2 for RJL v2.2
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Scania Acessories - Remoled v12.2 for RJL v2.2

New Changes in v12.2:
Rcab and Tcab are now on RJL 2.2 Models and 1.27 compliant
All accessory parts have been dump converted to new PMG model versions and 1.27 compliant

Note from the Author:
Added provisional hookup entries for HomerS Scania S to allow leds etc to be used .

This SHOULD clear up your game logs folks .

Any errors from V12 will STILL be present .

The whole point to the update is to get the mod back to working order .

Things like your beacons will now work correctly again .

Yes I will redo the lowdecks for the cabs and tandems .

Have I missed things , yes most likely .

BEFORE you tell me something is broken PLEASE check the following .

Game version is 1.27 - 1.26 or lower = very bad things will happen

Mod order is correct
RJL compat packs
RJL R 2.2
RJL T 2.2

Most importantly you have NO OTHER Scania Tuning mods active .

Some will work alongside ReMoled others will not .


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