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Scania B Double with Sound & Engine by MasterMods 1.14.X
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Scania B Double with Sound & Engine by MasterMods 1.14.X

This Mod adds a Tandem body with dolly to scania r series trucks. The truck includes aerodynamics fo rthe a and b trailers, that is if you get the right trailer to match this truck. I will make skins for people that want them, but it may take longer than usual for this Mod.
Tested on 1.14.X


  • Danny
    2014-12-03 17:05
    Great mod. Just a shame you can't change the colour of the box on the back of the truck
  • Drkness
    2014-12-07 05:10
    Sorry. Not a B-Double. B-Double's 'A" trailer is 30ft long and 'B' trailer is 40ft long. Both trailers have turntables under them. ie a B-Double has THREE sections, not two.Good try though.
  • Marcscaniafan
    2015-01-14 20:37
    this mod looks very good but i dont drive a tandem truck so my question is: could you make a b double in tis combination: Truck, Trailer, dolly, trailer just like this one http://www.trailertotaal.nl/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2012/04/Schenkerroadtrainbew.jpg ?
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