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Scania Concept 1.31.x
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Scania Concept 1.31.x

Update 04.07.18
Adaptation to the version of the game 1.31...
Support for connecting cables (when buying a tractor, you need to click on the cab to add hoses).
The sound of the engine from the Scania in 2016 is registered.
Removed native( non-removable) sun visor, changed some default.
Added a small tuning. Some parts of tuning removed.
Correction of minor errors.
P.S. work on adding buns continues

Authors of the adaptation, Maniac of Sound , 19AMD74. Original authors - Kosak, Rombec1977, DanielRG, David b.l Full rebuild fashion-oq37

  • Reupload
    2018-07-04 19:58
  • Original link
    2018-07-04 23:10
  • Maniac of sound
    2018-07-09 04:47
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