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Scania CONCEPT R1000 V5.0 [1.25]
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Scania CONCEPT R1000 V5.0 [1.25]

Changelog 5.0 | by ETS2MOD
•Compatible with SCS Scania DLC´S accessory
•Compatible with 1.25.X of game
•Some bugs Fixed

Replaces Scania
You can buy Scania dealers or directly On-Line
Versions: 4x2
You have option to put different accessories
Ability to change the front lines in red or chrome
1000cv engine by Rombec1977 & DanielRG
Tested on the latest version of the game (1.25.X)


  • Bruins
    2016-10-04 17:06
  • Ets2mod
    2016-10-04 20:32
    This mod is mine and I have not authorized him to publish it here. Please delete the mod.
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