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Scania E5 sounds
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Scania E5 sounds

Scania Euro 5 sounds mod for Scania R E5 engines and RJL T & RS Scania with Euro 5 engines or lower

About this mod:
I never was really fond of the new Euro 6 sounds SCS had been using on all of the Scania 6 cylinder engines. So I went looking in the base files and I noticed the sounds files for the Euro 5 sounds were still there. So I made some new defs and set everything up correctly. What we have now is the Euro 5 sounds back on the Euro 5 engines and the Euro 6 sound still on the Euro 6 engines. On both RJL’s Scanias it’s a bit different. The Euro 6 sounds are on the Euro 6 engines and the Euro 5 sounds are on the Euro 5 engines and lower (Euro 4 & Euro 3).

If you find any bugs, please let me notice it so I can fix it. (Via Steam or the SCS Forum)

CrazyGijs, RJL & SCS

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