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Scania L6 sound incl RJL + T model v2.2.1 (upd. 27-10-17)
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Scania L6 sound incl RJL + T model v2.2.1 (upd. 27-10-17)

This is a Scania.r Streamline and RJL soundmod for the L6 engines, with thanks to SCS Paulnice (basic sound) Kriechbaum (some soundfiles) I have mix it all together to this realistic sounded Scania sound.
Pleas do not ask for making it compatible to other Scania truck mods, updates when necessary only on this page and community, if you find this sound elsewhere it isn't uploaded by me.

21-10-2017 update def files added engines V2.2.1 use the same download link

23-10-2017 update changelog
added new brake sounds
added opticruise gear air sounds
edit wiper sound
decrease horn sound a bit
increase wiper sound
balanced the volume of air brake and gear air sound

Add T model by RJL
Add sound files like sticks and stuff by Vasily EVR (with permission)
add air-horn sound


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